January 27, 2014

10th Class Biology Bits - Reproduction - MCQs and Blanks

I. Fill in the blanks. (1/2 mark each)
1. From the third month of pregnancy, the embryo is called ______
2. Fertilization in housefly is called ______
3. The third whorl of stamens in a flower is known as _____
4. Buds in Bryophyllum are known as _____ buds.
5. Paramecium undergoes sexual reproduction by ______

II. Multiple choice questions. (1/2 mark each)

1. In stem cuttings, a slanting cut is made in the stem
A) Below the node B) Above the node
C) Across the node D) At the node

2. In which precise area meiosis takes place?
A) Stamen B) Anther lobe
C) Pollen mother cell D) Pollen grains

3. The spawn of frog consists of...
A) Mass of eggs B) Sperm mother cells
C) Spermatozoa D) Spermatozoa and ova

4. Acrosome of spermatozoan helps in
A) Digestion B) Locomotion
C) Excretion D) Fertilization

5. One of the following cannot be performed by animals
A) Respiration B) Reproduction
C) Photosynthesis D) Digestion


I. 1) Foetus 2) Internal Fertilization
3) Androecium 4) Epiphyllous 5) Conjugation.
II. 1-A 2-C 3-A 4-D 5-C.

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