January 27, 2014

10th Biology - Reproduction - 2 and 1 Mark Questions

2 Marks Questions

Q: How are the Animal pole and Vegetal pole of ovum is differentiated in frog?
A: The animal pole and vegetal pole can be differentiated by the difference in colour. Dark pigmented portion is animal pole and light pigmented portion is vegetal pole.

Q: Write a short note on Embryo-sac.
A: Embryo sac is the haploid female gametophyte. It is formed from megaspore mother cell by meiosis. There is one egg (female gamete), two synergids, a central cell and three antipodal cells in the embryo-sac. Except the central all others are haploid.

Q: Write two advantages of vegetative propagation?
A: The vegetative propagation helps in transmission of constant and special characters found in parents to next generation. This process helps to produce large number of plants in a short time.

1 Mark Questions

Q: What is Totipotency?
A: The ability of a plant cell to give rise to a whole plant is called as totipotency.

Q: What prevents self fertilization in earthworm?
A: Testis matures much earlier than the ovaries and this prevent self fertilization in earthworm.

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