January 11, 2014

10th Class Economics 4 Marks Important Questions - Social Studies

Following are 10th Class Social Studies - Economics important questions which can be useful for SSC Public Examinations for AP Board. These questions are important for 4 marks category.

1. How do you measure income inequality? Explain factors causing inequalities in income & wealth.
2. What is Green Revolution? Explain its main objectives of planning in India.
3. Explain different concepts of inflation. Is structural inflation useful for concepts in Indian context?
4. What are the important problems of Indian Economy explain?
5. Differentiate involuntary and voluntary employment? What is relevance of disguised unemployment to India?
6. What are the general and specific objectives of planning in India?
7. What are the characteristics of Indian Economy during British period?
8. Describe Indian Economy during independence?
9. Distinguish between less developed economies and developed economies.
10. Distinguish various economic systems? Compare capitalistic economic system with socialistic economic system? Explain each.
11. What are the economic structures in India? Give reasons.
12. Explain briefly the social and infrastructural needs of our country?
13. Describe the occupational structure of Indian economy. What is the relationship between occupational structure and modernization?
14. What is the role of public sector in Indian Industrialization? Is it still relevant?
15. Explain the growth of Indian agriculture during the seventh & eighth five year plan period?
16. What is the role of banking & financial institutions in India? Will privatization help in realizing its objectives?
17. Define poverty line? Explain the concepts of absolute and relative poverty.
18. Explain the significance of service sector in Indian economy?
19. What are the achievements and failures of planning?
20. What are the factors causing regional imbalances? Explain the Indicators of regional disparities?

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