January 13, 2014

10th English Imp Questions - Snapshot of a Dog

Q: How do you know that Rex had a gentle disposition?
(Or) ''........... he had a gentle disposition."
Do you think Rex had a gentle disposition? What makes you think so?

A: It is a fact that Rex had a gentle disposition. Though he was a tremendous fighter, he never started a fight. He barked at persons who moved at night with the idea of stealing. He never barked at passersby. He killed cats
since men killed animals. But he never chased a squirrel.

Q: "He had his own philosophy about such things". What was Rex's philosophy about chasing things? In 'The Snapshot of a Dog' why weren't wagons a part of his world?

A: Rex’s philosophy about chasing things was never to chase any thing he could not catch or something he could not do anything even if he caught it. Wagons were not a part of his world because he knew he could not tug along them even with his mighty jaws.

Q: How was Rex's mettle tested?

A: The three masters wanted Rex to carry a ten-feet wooden rail through a four-feet wide gate. They would throw a baseball as high as possible and order him to catch it. They would let him go over high walls and fences.

Q: Mention two qualities of Rex that Thurber thinks makes him an exceptional dog.

A: According to Thurber, Rex is an exceptional dog. He is big, muscular and beautifully made. Although he is a tremendous fighter, he never starts fights. There is a nobility him in that he has never lost his dignity even in doing hard tasks and thus has been noble throughout his life. He never runs after automobiles. He is an expert in killing ants.

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