January 13, 2014

10th Class English - Snake - Important Questions for 2 Marks

Q: Why did the poet decide that he had to stand and wait? How did he treat the snake?

A: As the snake came to the water-through much ahead of him, the poet thought that it should drink first. 'First come, first serve' was the principle he had adopted. Thus, he showed hospitality towards the snake and decided to stand and wait till his turn came. He treated it as a guest.

Q: What does the poet do to the snake? How does he feel after it?

A: The poet first treats the snake as his guest and allows it to drink water first. But when the snake goes back into its hole, he takes a clumsy log and throws it at the snake. It misses the target but the poet regrets for his
hasty and mean act.

Q: What are the different feelings the poet had towards the snake?

A: The poet had four different feelings towards the snake. They are: cowardice, perversity, humility and honour, the last being the strongest of all.

Q: 'And immediately I regretted it,....’ Why does the poet regret his act?

A: The poet throws a log at the snake. Although it misses the target, the poet regrets it. He thinks that his act is paltry, vulgar and mean. As he is prompted by his voice of education to do so, he despises it.

Q: "And truly I was most afraid But even so, honoured still more". Why did the poet feel honoured inspite of
being afraid?

A: The poet felt honoured inspite of being afraid because the snake came there on a hot day to drink water but not to cause harm to the poet. Although it was a poisonous snake, it simply drank water and went into its hole.

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