January 13, 2014

10th Class - Fire in the Forest - Imp Questions

Following are some important questions from 10th Class / SSC English from the lesson Fire in the Forest (Prose). These questions are for 2 marks.

Q: What did the Forest Department officials do to stop the fire?

A: The officials of the Forest Department cleared the undergrowth and the trees and made a fireline to meet situations like this. They lighted up the counter fire along the edge of the next fire line. Then it met the
oncoming forest fire. When the two fires met, there would be nothing to burn. So both fires would subside. It was the special technique of the officials to halt the fire.

Q: How do the deer spot danger? Why was she on the alert all the time?

A: The deer's ears constantly flicker this way and that to bring them news. Their big eyes always stare into the shadows and the stripy tigery grass and their nostrills will be trembling in order to spot any danger. The hind
was on the alert all the time because of her fear of enemies like tigers and panthers.

Q: How did the deer react when she first got the smell of danger?
A: When she got the smell of danger, the deer threw up her neck and every muscle of her body became alert. She outstretched her neck and soon her eyes began to smart. She bent anxiously to her fawn. Then she clearly saw the rolling smoke.

Q: Why was the chital hind so cruel to her body? What did she do?

A: Having seen the monkeys coming back, the chital hind anticipated mortal danger to her and her body. She was panicked. She, therefore, became cruel. Immediately she nudged her baby on. She started biting him hard and nipped his soft flesh.

Q: How does the fire heal the forest land?

A: The fire reduced a part of the forest to ashes. Gradually, the ash cooled and bright emerald grass grew on the burned land and made it the best food for all the deer. New trees took root and healed the land and made it a new forest for not only the animals of the jungle but also the hunters.

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