January 11, 2014

10th Class Social - Geography 4 Marks Important Questions

SSC / 10th Class Public Examinations are fast approaching. The students should more concentrate on important questions in various subjects. Revision also important in this stage of preparation. Following are some important questions (4 marks) for 10th Class Social Studies (Geography):

1. How do you establish that soil erosion is man made disaster? Suggest some measures of soil erosion?
2. Describe the mechanism of monsoon in India?
3. How can you say that 'Indian agriculture is a gamble with monsoon'?
4. Describe the Thornwaite's classification of climatic regions in India?
5. Explain the ecological and economic significance of forest?
6. Describe the importance of the Himalayas?
7. What is soil erosion? Explain the agents of soil erosion.
8. What is sub continent? Explain how India can be called a sub continent?
9. What are the problems of population explosion?
10. Give the important advantages of Mumbai to become the largest port in the country?
11. What is multi purpose project? Mention its main objectives.
12. Mention the geographical advantages that India has in the development of irrigation
13. What are the reasons for population explosion in India?
14. What are the problems faced by the Kolkata port? What is its consequence?
15. Why is irrigation considered as decisive factor in agriculture development?
16. Why the means of transport and communication are called 'Life lines' of a country?
17. What is Green Revolution? What is the relationship between irrigation system and Green Revolution?
18. What are the favourable factors for the development of jute mills in and around Calcutta and west Bengal?
19. What are the advantages of road transport when compared to railway transport?
20. What are the advantages of different transports?
21. What are the favourable factors for the development of cotton textiles in and around Mumbai and Ahmedabad centres?
22. What are the natural scenic beauties of Srinagar?

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