January 11, 2014

10th Class Social Economics - 1 Mark Important Questions

Following are important questions for SSC Public Exams of AP Board in Social Studies - Economics. These questions are important under 1 mark questions category.

1. What does unorganized sector of economy refer to?
2. What is Ryotwari unearned income?
3. What is private sector?
4. What is the most important reason for inequality of incomes?
5. What is public sector?
6. Who propounded the theories of 'Economic Drain' and Plunder of Economic Wealth?
7. Mention two products from organized sector?
8. What is literacy rate of India according to 2001 Census?
9. What is Urbanization?
10. Define Socialist Economic system?
11. What is unearned income?
12. What is an indicator for the slow pace of urbanization?
13. What are the major problems of Indian Economy?
14. Name the economist who suggested Human development Index?
15. What is Mixed Economic system?
16. What are the important criteria employed to distinguish a developed from a less Developed country?
17. What is poverty line?
18. What is the dictum which aptly describes the inflamery situation?
19. What is Inflation?
20. Expand:
23. Why was the planning commission set up?
24. Who is the present Deputy Chairman of planning commission?
25. Who is the chairman of the planning commission?
26. By virtue of post who acts as the Chairman of the planning commission?
27. What is the primary objective of planning?
28. In which plan 'Garibi Hatao' was the objective? Who gave the slogan 'Garibi Hatao'?
29. What was the basis for the first five year plan?
30. Who is the present Chairman of planning commission?

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