January 6, 2014

10th English EM - The Night at the Hotel 2 Marks Questions

Q: "The night receptionist regretfully shrugged his shoulders". What did he regret? (Or) Why did the night receptionist regretfully shrug his shoulders?

A: Schwamm asked the night receptionist for a single room. There was no single room available at that time. The night receptionist, therefore, regretfully shrugged his
shoulders. He regretted over his inability to provide a single room for his customer.

Q: Why did Schwamm decide to spend the night at the hotel?

A: Schwamm wanted to make his son happy by taking the early train the next day and waving back at him. He, therefore, came into town and decided to spend the night at the hotel as it was quite late at night and he would not get better accommodation elsewhere.

Q: What was the reason for the strange behaviour of Mr. Schwamm's son?

A: Every morning on his way to school, Schwamm's son had to wait at the railway crossing for the first train to go by. He used to wave at the passengers continuously. But none of the passengers ever waved him back. This was the reason for the boy's unhappiness and strange behaviour.

Q: What does Schwamm mean when he says 'He has a soul of glass ....."?

A: Glass is brittle and it easily breaks. Schwamm says his son has 'a soul of glass'.
It means that his son has a brittle temperament, for he reacts instantly even to the
slightest irritation. He substantiates this by comparing the boy to a mimosa. So it tells us that Schwamm's son is extremely sensitive. He takes things to heart and makes himself sick.

Q: Do you think Schwamm did a good thing in deciding to share a room with a stranger? Why do you think so?

A: Yes, certainly. Schwamm did really a good thing in deciding to share the room with a stranger because it was the very stranger who carried out his plan successfully and effectively the next morning and restored the boy to happiness. Had he not done so, the purpose of his coming into town would have been defeated.

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