January 28, 2014

Senior Inter Chemistry Exam Plan - Weightage for Alkanes and Organic Compounds

Try to answer all the questions by your own, without taking help of the lecturer (after completion of every

Halo Alkanes and Halo arenes:

From this lesson, more chances are there for two 2 marks questions from chain isomers of C4H9Br, Conversion of C2H6 to C2H5Br, type of isomerism in O, P, m-chloro Benzenes, Enantiomers, racemic mixture, Sandmeyer's,
Finkelstein, Swarts, Fittig, Wurtz - fittig reactions, why μ of C2H5Cl < Cyclo hexyl Chloride, why aryl halides are less reactive towards nucleophilic substitution, P-Nitro Chlorobenzene & O, P - dinitro chloro benzene undergo nucleophilic substitution readily compared to C6H5Cl, intext questions 11.5, 11.7, Examples in boxes 11.7, 11.9 are important for 2 marks. SN1 and SN2 mechanism is very very important for 4 marks. Organic Compounds Containing C, H, O

8 Marks worth questions are expected from the lesson "Organic Compounds Containing C, H & O". Cannizzaro, Reimer- Tiemann, HVZ, Kolbe's, Stephen, Etard, Gatterman Koch reactions,
Esterification, Williamson's Synthesis, Rosenmund, Wolff- Kishner, Clemmensen Reductions, Aldol & Cross Aldol condensation, Examples in Box: 12.9, Intext Questions 12.1, 12.3, 12.4, 12.16 are very important for 2

Comparison of Acidic nature between alcohols and phenols, distinguish between 1°, 2°, 3° - alcohols are important for 4 marks. Even in previous years 8 marks questions were asked (2 preparations & 4 Chemical properties) from acetic acid, acetaldehyde. Better to prepare own notes for alcohols, Phenols, ethers, aldehydes, Ketones,
Carboxylic acids separately.

Organic Compounds Containing N

4 Marks worth questions could be given from the lesson "Organic compounds containing N". Better to prepare 2 marks questions like carbyl amine reaction, Sandmeyer's reaction, Gabriel Phthalimide Synthesis, Hoffmamn bromide degradation, Gattermann, Coupling reactions, why aniline does not undergo Fridel - Craft's reactions, why pKb of aniline is more than that of methylamine.
More and more hard work is needed to score maximum marks.
Wish you best of luck!

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