March 6, 2014

IPE Exams - Jr Inter Important Questions in Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry (4 Marks)
1. Define 'receptor' and 'sink'.
2. Define 'BOD' and 'COD'.
3. Define 'pollutant' and 'contaminant'.
4. Define 'TLV' and 'Eutrophication'.
5. Which oxides cause acid rain? What is its pH value?
6. What are the effects of acid rains?
7. What is Ozone hole? Where was it first observed?
8. What is 'Green house effect'? and how is it caused?
9. Give the possible BOD values of clean water and the polluted water.
10. What is the dissolved Oxygen in pure cooled water?

Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques (10 Marks)

Short Answer type Questions

1. Write about position isomerism and functional group isomerism.
2. Discuss Markownikov's rule and Kharash effect.
3. Write the possible conformations of ethane and explain which is more stable?
4. Explain "Wurtz reaction" and "Friedel Crafts Alkylation" with one example.
5. Describe two methods of preparation of ethylene. Give the equations.
6. Give equations for the reactions of ethylene with the following.
a) Ozone b) Hypohalous acid
c) Cold & Dil. KMnO4 and d) Heated with O2 at high pressure.
7. Describe two methods of preparation of acetylene. Give the equations.
8. Give equation for the reactions of acetylene with the following.
a) Water b) Ozone C) Hydrogen halide and
d) Ammonical AgNO3 and Cu2Cl2.
9. Describe two methods of prepration of Benzene. Give the equations.
10. Give equation for the reactions of benzene with
a) Conc. HNO3 + Conc. H2SO4 b) CH3Cl + Anhyd. AlCl3
c) CH3COCl + Anhyd. AlCl3 and d) Cl2 + Anhyd. AlCl3
11. Explain the following.
a) Inductive effect b) Mesomeric effect
c) Resonance effect and d) Hyper conjugation.

Very Short Answer type Questions

1. Write the structural formulae of the following compounds:
a) Trichloroethanoic acid b) Neo - pentane
2. Discuss Lassaigne's test.
3. Explain the principle of Chromatography.
4. What are a) Electrophiles and b) Nucleophiles.
5. Write structures and IUPAC names of any two different structural isomers of alkenes corresponding to C5H10.
6. Draw cis and trans isomers of the compound CHCl = CHCl.
7. Write the E and Z configuration of an alkene contains on carbons at double bond
Cl, Br and − CH2 − CH2 − OH, CH(CH3)2.
10. What is geometrical isomerism? Write geometrical isomers of 2 - butene.
(Note: Though there is no blue print, marks in the bracket were given according to
latest exam papers).

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