August 27, 2014

Changes in 10th Class Exams in Telangana State from 2014-15

The Telangana State Government has approved the changes in 9th and 10th Class evaluation and examination pattern from the academic year 2014-15. The changes will take place in the number of question papers, internal and external assessment. Following are some important changes in the SSC public exams in Telangana.

There will be internal assessment for 20 marks. The public exams question paper will be for 80 marks only. There will be no exams for Sanskrit and Composite Telugu. The Telangana Government has done away with private examination system for 10th Class. All those interested to appear in exams through private system have to enroll for open school system.

The Telangana State has also decided to scrap revaluation system for the 10th Class exams. Usually students who failed in the examination with a shortage of 1-5 marks apply for revaluation and several students qualify after adding some consideration marks.

The recounting and re-verification will be allowed but not revaluation of answer sheets. The SSC public exams will have only 11 papers. Students need not get pass marks in internal assessment. They should get at least 28 marks (combining two papers) as a whole to pass in the examination.

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