February 10, 2015

IPE Junior Inter 2 Marks Questions from New Syllabus for Telangana and AP Boards

1. What is "common ion effect"?
2. Give the formulae of a) Borax b) Colemanite
3. Why crude NaCl absorbs moisture from atmosphere?
4. Give two uses of Caustic soda.
5. What is PAN? What is the ill effect caused by it?

6. How is Ozone formed in Stratosphere?
7. Give the principle of Chromatography?
8. What is 'Compressibility factor'? Give its value for ideal gas and real gas.
9. How many number of moles of glucose are present in 900 grams of glucose?
10. What is conjugate Acid Base pair? Write conjugate acid and
conjugate base for OH-ion.

11. Why does the solubility of alkaline earth metal hydroxides in
water increase down the group?
12. Give two uses of Na2CO3.
13. Define "BOD". Give the possible BOD values of clean water and
polluted water.
14. Name two adverse effects caused by "Green house effect".
15. Diamond is hard and has high melting point. Explain why?
16. What is "Synthesis gas"?

17. Write Van der Waals equation of state. Give the physical
significance of Van der Waals parameters.
18. What do you mean by "significant figures"? Give the number of
significant figures present in 100.0.
19. An aqueous solution of Na2CO3 is alkaline. Why?
20. Give two uses of quick lime.
21. What are the harmful effects caused by ozone layer depletion?
22. Define the terms "Sink" and "TLV".

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