February 10, 2015

IPE Junior Inter Chemistry - 4 Marks Important Questions for AP and Telangana

1. State Graham's law of diffusion? Give two applications of this law.
2. What is empirical formula? Chemical analysis of a Carbon compound
gave 10.06% carbon, 0.84%, Hydrogen and 89.10% Chlorine. Calculate the
empirical formula of the compound.
3. Define a) enthalpy of combustion b) standard enthalpy of formation.
4. State Lechatlier's Principle. Discuss the principle in brief for
the industrial synthesis of SO3.
5. Write any two methods of preparation of diborane. How does it react
with a) CO b) NH3.

6. Explain with one example for the following:
a) Interstitial hydride b) Ionic hydride
c) Electron deficient hydride d) Electron rich hydride
7. How does acetylene react with the following? a) H2O b) HCl c)
Ammonical AgNO4 d) Cl2
8. Discuss Markownikov's rule and Kharash effect.
9. Write 8 important postulates of kinetic molecular theory of gases.
10. A carbon compound contains 12.8% Carbon, 2.1% Hydrogen, 85.1%
Bromine. The molecular weight of the compound is 187.9. Find the
molecular formula of the compound.

11. Explain the terms a) Entropy b) Enthalpy c) Extensive property d)
Intensive property
12. Write about "Position isomerism" and "Functional isomerism" with
one example each.
13. How would you prepare benzene from phenol and acetylene? Explain
with equations.
14. Write 2 oxidising & 2 reducing properties of H2O2.
15. Write a short note on a) Silicones b) Fullerenes

16. Explain the terms "Hard water" and "Soft water". How hardness of
water can be removed by Calgon method?
17. Which type of compounds react with Ozone? Explain the reaction of
Ozone with one aliphatic and one aromatic compound.
18. What do you understand about geometrical isomerism? Write E, Z
isomers for CHCl= CFBr

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