February 10, 2015

IPE Junior Inter Zoology Model Paper for AP and Telangana Boards - New Syllabus

Here we are giving Zoology Model question paper for Junior
Intermediate IPE exams of AP and Telangana Boards. The question paper
is as per the new syllabus. Maximum marks are 60 and time is 3 hours.

I. (i) Very Short Answer Type Questions.
(ii) Answer ALL questions.
(iii) Each question carries TWO marks. 10 × 2 = 20
1. What is meant by tautonymy? Give two examples.
2. What are retroperitoneal organs?
3. Distinguish between osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
4. What are intercalated discs? What is their significance?
5. What is Aristotle's lantern? Give an example of an animal possessing it.
6. What are pneumatic bones? How do they help birds?
7. Draw labelled diagram of T.S. of flagellum.
8. Define conjugation with reference to ciliates. Give two examples.
9. Define neoplasia. Give an example.
10. What is cyclomorphosis? Give its significance in Daphnia.


II. (i) Short Answer Type Questions.
(ii) Answer any SIX questions.
(iii) Each question carries FOUR marks. 6×4 = 24
11. Explain in brief about biodiversity hot spots.
12. Mention general characters of Arachnida giving two examples.
13. Explain Haversian system.
14. Compare cartilagenous and bony fishes.
15. Describe the process of transverse binary fission.
16. What are the adverse effects of tobacco?
17. Draw labelled diagram of ommatidium of cockroach.
18. Describe parasitic adaptations in brief.


III. (i) Long Answer Type Questions. Draw labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
(ii) Answer any TWO questions.
(iii) Each question carries EIGHT marks. 2 ×8 = 16
19. Write an account of energy flow in ecosystem.
20. Describe blood vascular system of cockroach with neat labelled diagram(s).
21. Describe life cycle of Wuchereria bancrofti.

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