September 26, 2015

Junior Inter Botany Imp Questions 4 Marks for IPE Exams in AP and TS

Q: Explain binomial nomenclature.
A: Binomial nomenclature is the system of naming an organism with two
components. It was first proposed by Caspar Bauhin and later
popularised by Carolus Linnaeus. The biological names are written in
italics or underlined when handwritten or printed.

The first word is the genus or generic name which starts with a
capital letter. The second word is the species or specific epithet
which starts with a small letter. Name of the author may be written
after the species. Ex: Mangifera indica is the biological or botanical
name of mango. Mangifera is the generic name and indica is the
specific epithet.

Q: How are botanical gardens useful in conserving biodiversity? Define the
terms flora, manuals, monographs and catalogues.

A: As living plant species are carefully collected and grown for
identification and scientific study in botanical gardens they are much
useful in conserving biodiversity. Flora: It is a book that contains
actual account of habitat and distribution of plants in a given area.
Manual: It gives information for identification of names of species in
an area.
Monograph: It contains information on any one taxon.
Catalogue: It contains list of plant names in a specific order.

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