September 26, 2015

Inter First Year Botany Important Questions for IPE Exams of AP and Telangana

Q: Why is Mendel considered as father of genetics?
A: As Mendel introduced the laws of inheritance he is considered as
the father of genetics.

Q: Who discovered the cell and what was the book written by him?
A: Robert Hooke.

Q: Name the branches of Botany which deal with the chlorophyllous
autotrophic thallophytes and non-chlorophyllous heterotrophic
A: Phycology deals with algae (chlorophyllous autotrophic thallophytes).
Mycology deals with fungi (non-chlorophyllous heterotrophic thallophytes).

Q: What is the basis of classification of algae?
A: a) Pigmentation and b) Type of food stored.

Q: Differentiate between syngamy and triple fusion.
A: Syngamy is the fusion of first male gamete with the female egg cell
to form a diploid zygote.
Triple fusion is the fusion of second male gamete with diploid
secondary nucleus to form a triploid primary endosperm nucleus.

Q: Name the stored food materials found in Phaeophyceae and Rhodophyceae.
A: Phaeophyceae - stored food is laminarin or mannitol.
Rhodophyceae - stored food is Floridian starch.

Q: Name the pigments responsible for brown colour of Phaeophyceae and
red colour of Rhodophyceae.
A: Fucoxanthin - brown colour of Phaeophyceae.
r-Phycoerythrin - red colour of Rhodophyceae.

Q: Name the integumented megasporangium found in Gymnosperms. How many
female gametophytes are generally formed inside the megasporangium?
A: Ovule - Integumented megasporangium.
One female gametophyte.

Q: Name the gymnosperms which contain mycorrhizae and coralloid roots
A: Pinus - Mycorrhizae
Cycas - coralloid roots.

Q: What the first organisms to colonise rocks? Give the generic name
of the moss which provides peat.
A: Lichens and mosses - first organisms to colonize rocks. . Sphagnum
moss provides peat.

Q: Which group of plants is called vascular cryptogams?
Name the branch of Botany which deals with them?
A: Pteridophyta.

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