December 16, 2015

Junior Inter Botany - Imp Questions for IPE Exams - Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Q: What is 'Omega Taxonomy'?
A: The taxonomy which uses information from other sources like embryology, cytology,
palynology, phyto chemistry, serology etc. along with morphological features is
known as 'Omega Taxonomy'.

Q: What is natural system of plant classification?
Name the scientists who followed it.
A: The system of classification that considers all possible morphological characters and their natural relationships is called natural system of classification.
Bentham and Hooker followed this system.

Q: Explain the scope and significance of Numerical taxonomy.
A: Numerical taxonomy can be used to evaluate differences and similarities between
taxonomic groups using mathematics and computers.
As this method uses numbers and codes it is easy and quick process and can be used
for hundreds of characters at a time.

Q: What is geocarpy? Name the plant which exhibits this phenomenon.
A: Production of fruit inside the soil is called geocarpy.
Arachis hypogea (groundnut).

Q: Name the type of pollination mechanism found in members of Fabaceae.
A: Piston mechanism.

Q: Give the technical description of anthers of Allium cepa.
A: Anthers of Allium cepa are dithecous, basifixed, introrse and show longitudinal

Q: Give the technical description of ovary of Solanum nigrum. (2 Marks)
A: The ovary of Solanum nigrum is bi or unilocular, superior ovary with many ovules on
axile placenta. The carpels are arranged obliquely at 45°. Style is terminal and stigma

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