January 9, 2016

10th Class Imp 1 Mark Questions from Physical Sciences - AP and Telangana Boards

Here are some important 1 mark questions for SSC / Tenth / 10th Class
Public Exams in AP and Telangana. The questions are given from
Physical Sciences subject for English medium students.

Q: Why does our image appear thin or bulged out in some mirrors?
A: When the mirror is not a plane mirror and if it is a spherical
mirror then our image appears like that.

Q: Are the angle of reflection and angle of incidence also equal for
reflection at curved surfaces?
A: Even for reflection by curved surfaces, the angle of incidence will
be equal to the angle of reflection.

Q: Can we at least heat up a vessel using a mirror?
A: We know that a concave mirror focuses parallel sun rays at its
focal point. So with a small concave mirror we can heat up and burn
paper by putting it at its focus and allowing the sun rays to fall on
it. If a vessel is placed instead of paper it gets heated.

Q: What happens if the size of the hole of a pin hole camera is much
bigger or equal to the size of the flame used as an object?
A: The pin hole camera cannot produce the image of the flame on its
screen as the hole is of the size of the flame.

On the screen we can observe some bright region formed due to the
light intensity of the flame.

Q: Why pure acetic acid does not turn blue litmus to red?
A: Acetic acid is a weak acid. Further it is a hydrocarbon. As such it
does not turn blue litmus to red.

Q: Is the substance present in antacid tablet acidic or basic?
A: Sodium hydrogen carbonate is one of the substances present in
antacid tablet. This substance is an alkali.

Q: Write the names of two synthetic indicators?
A: 1) Methyl orange
2) Phenophthalein are two synthetic indicators.

Q: What is the chemical name for table salt?
A: NaCl: (Sodium chloride) is the chemical name for table salt.

Q: What is galvanizing? How is it useful?
A: Galvanizing is a method of protecting iron from rusting by coating
them a thin layer of Zinc.

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