January 31, 2016

Inter Zoology Practical Exams Guidance and Tips, Model Paper

After entering into the Zoology Laboratory, keep your Practical Record Book on the table and collect your answer book and sit in your place comfortably. Then fill your Register Number and other details in the Answer Book. Read the Question Paper written on the black board of the laboratory.

Now start Question Number I. As the dissections are abolished, you need not do any dissection. But you have to identify the given dissection (unlabelled model or diagram) and draw neat labelled diagram of it. First draw the diagram with a sharply pointed pencil and then over write the lines with sketch pens of different colours to indicate different organs/ parts and then label it.

Now for Question Number II, first write the principle of the experiment
regarding the substance to be identified from the given samples. Then write the procedure of the experiment.

There are four samples A, B, C and D. Take sample A into a test tube and do the experiment as per the procedure. Then do the same with the B, C and D also. Then show the results to the Examiner.
Then record the results in the answer book against...
A : ..... , B : ...... , C : ...... and D : ......

Regarding Question Number III, when your turn comes, you have to go to the spotters. Observe them carefully and write their names serially as ...
III A: ......... III B: .......... III C: ...................
III D: ......... III E: .......... III F: ...................
III G: ..........

Then show them to the Examiner and get his / her signature and sit in your place and write answers. Write 3 or 4 unique features of each spotter in pointwise manner. For complete specimens, write the systematic position also (Phylum:............, Class: ........... etc.).

Draw and label the diagram for each spotter.

Check your answers once again and hand over the answer book to the Examiner and
leave the Laboratory. You have sufficient time to answer all the questions in the Examination. Hence, do not feel anxiety and be cool and write the Examination peacefully and confidently.

Some Tips..

Practice all diagrams at least 3 or 4 times.
Remember the parts of each diagram.
Practice the diagrams of Earthworm - Digestive system, Nervous system and Spermathecae; Cockroach - mouth parts, digestive system and nervous system;
Human digestive, arterial, venous systems and male and female urino genital systems thoroughly.
Prepare thoroughly regarding principle, procedure of identification of starch, glucose (sugar), albumen and fats and the action of amylase on starch in point wise manner.

Spotters are given from the Question Bank:
One slide from Non Chordates.
One specimen from Porifera to Annelida.
One specimen from Arthropoda to Echinodermata.
One specimen from Chordates.
Two slides from Mammalian tissues.
One spotter from Joints.

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