September 3, 2016

MBBS Fee for B and C Category Seats in Telangana Private Medical Colleges - 2016

The private unaided medical colleges in Telangana state are demanding for hike in fee structure for MBBS courses from the academic year 2016-17. The colleges are proposed to increase the fee on par with the MBBS fee in Andhra Pradesh.

At present, the fee structure in private medical college in Telangana is as follows. They are collecting Rs. 60000 for convener seats. The fee is Rs. 9 lakhs for B Category seats to be filled with NEET ranks.

Fee for C category seats is Rs. 11 lakhs. These seats will be filled by respective colleges. The colleges are demanding for hike in B and C category fee structure. They are proposed to AFRC for their consideration.

As per the reports, the private medical colleges are demanding the fee of Rs. 11 lakhs for B category seats and five times increase of fee for C category seats. The AFRC may allow the colleges to hike the fee two / three times to the present structure for C category seats.

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