March 28, 2017

TS Government adds 4 Marks to General Science Physical Science Paper of 10th Class Exams - 2017

The Government of Telangana has decided to add 4 marks to all the 10th class students who have appeared for General Science (Paper 1) examination in March 2017. All the students who have attempted the question number 17 (b) will get 4 marks as the question is ambiguous.

The Government has received negative feedback on the question 17 (b) as it was given out of the syllabus and blue print. The Directorate of Public Examinations has accepted the objections and decided to add 4 marks to all the candidates who have attempted that question.

The Government of Telangana has clarified that all the questions are given from the syllabus of the prescribed text book. The government has followed the scheme / weightage of 52 percent for easy questions, 27 percent medium standard questions and 21 percent difficult questions.

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