January 27, 2011

Grades, Ranks for Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

If everything goes smooth, EAMCET 2011 students will have a chance to select the Engineering College of their choice based on their Grades / Ranks given by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The three member high power committee formed by Ministry of Higher Education has revealed that the committee is going ahead with the methodology of allocation of Grades / Ranks to Engineering Colleges in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh. Prof. D.N. Reddy, Chairman of the EAMCET 2011 Committee and member of High Power Committee disclosed that the grading system will be completed by mid- February.

The high power committee has identified 10 measures on which the Grading / Ranking of Engineering Colleges will be done. These may include quality of faculty, infrastructure, NBA and other accreditations, placements and highest cut off ranks of the students joined in a particular college. It is believed that the Eamcet ranks of the students joined in various Engineering colleges are likely to play major role in deciding the Grade of the college. The simple logic behind this will be that the college that attracts best students will be having good reputation in most of the criterion and should be placed on top Grade / Rank. The logic behind giving priority to students cut off ranks in deciding college rank/ grade is the college that attracts the best students could be giving quality instruction and so it should be ranked at the top.

But some of the college managements, particularly the new players in the field are not happy with the process of Grading Colleges and they have come up with petitions against the system of grading / ranking colleges. Associations of Engineering Colleges have also submitted a petition to the high power committee requesting it to stop the grading process as it would hamper admissions in recently established colleges. The Associations are asking for more time to improve the infrastructure and facilities before any grading. They are arguing that there is no meaning in including all the colleges in Grading / Ranking process as most of them are not in compliance with AICTE regulations. But the high power committee seems to be in no mood to stop the process!

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