March 11, 2014

10th Class English - Glossary for Attitude is Altitude - New Syllabus

Following is the glossary for the 1st Chapter of 10th Class English as per the new syllabus. The chapter name is Attitude is Altitude.

1) skateboard (n): a short narrow board with small wheels at each end, which you stand on and ride as a sport.

2) surf (v): to take part in the sport of riding on waves on a surfboard.

3) torso (n): the main part of the body, not including the head, arms, or legs.

4) chicken drumstick (n): the lower part of the leg of a chicken or other bird that is cooked and eaten as food.

5) club (n): a heavy stick with one end thicker than the other.

6) propeller (n): a device with two or more blades that turn quickly and cause a ship or an aircraft to move forward.

7) adversity(n): a difficulty or unpleasant situation.

8) perseverance(n): the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties.

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