March 2, 2014

Junior Inter Physics Model Question Paper - New Syllabus

Following is the model question paper for Junior Intermediate students of Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education. The subject is Physics and the paper prepared as per the new syllabus.


I. i) All are very short answer type questions.
ii) Answer ALL questions.
iii) Each question carries TWO marks. 10 × 2 = 20

1. What is the discovery of C.V. Raman?
2. What are the different types of errors that can occur in a measurement?
3. The vertical component of a vector is equal to its horizontal component. What is
the angle made by the vector with X-axis?
4. Can the coefficient of friction be greater than one?
5. Is it necessary that a mass should be present at the centre of mass of any system?
6. By spinning eggs on a table top, how will you distinguish a hard boiled egg from
a raw egg?
7. Why are drops and bubbles spherical?
8. Mention any two examples that obey Bernoullis theorem and justify them.
9. Why gaps are left between rails on a railway track?
10. What is greenhouse effect? Explain global warming?


II. i) All are short answer type questions.
ii) Answer any SIX questions.
iii) Each question carries FOUR marks. 6 × 4 = 24

11. Can the velocity of an object be in a direction other than the direction of
acceleration of the object? If so, give an example.
12. Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at certain angle with the horizontal
is a parabola.
13. Define the terms momentum and impulse. State and explain the law of
conservation of linear momentum. Give examples.
14. Define vector product. Explain the properties of a vector product with two
15. What is orbital velocity? Obtain an expression for it.
16. Define modulus of elasticity, stress, strain and Poisson's ratio.
17. Pendulum clocks generally go fast in winter and slow in summer. Why?
18. How specific heat capacity of mono atomic, diatomic and poly atomic gases can
be explained on the basis of law of equipartition of Energy?


III. i) All are long answer type questions.
ii) Answer any TWO questions.
iii) Each question carries EIGHT marks. 8 × 2 = 16

19. Develop the notions of work and kinetic energy and show that it leads to
work - energy theorem. A machine gun fires 360 bullets per minute and each bullet travels with a velocity of 600 ms−1. If the mass of each bullet is 5 gm, find the power of the machine gun?
20. Show that the motion of a simple pendulum is simple harmonic and hence derive
an equation for its time period. What is seconds pendulum?
21. Explain reversible and irreversible processes. Describe the working of Carnot
engine. Obtain an expression for the efficiency.

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