February 9, 2015

IPE Exams - Junior Inter Physics Important Questions

Following are some important questions from Physics for Junior
Intermediate students of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The
important questions are useful for the IPE examinations to be
conducted soon in March / April.

1. Distinguish between accuracy and precision.
2. What are fundamental forces in nature?
3. What happens to the coefficient of friction, if the weight of the
body is doubled?
4. Which physical quantity remains constant? (i) in an elastic
collision (ii) in an inelastic collision
5. Is it necessary that a mass should be present at the centre of mass
of any system.
6. State Hook's law of elasticity.
7. If the diameter of a soap bubble is 10 mm and its surface tension
is 0.04 N/ m, find the excess pressure inside the bubble.
8. State the conditions under which Newton's law of cooling is applicable.
9. When does a real gas behave like an ideal gas?
10. Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at an angle with the
horizantal is a parabola.
11. Explain advantages and disadvantages of friction.
12. Show that incase of one dimensional collision, the relative
velocity of approach of two colliding bodies before collision is equal
to the relative velocity of separation after collision.
13. Define angular acceleration and torque. Establish the relation
between angular acceleration and Torque.
14. What is orbital velocity? Obtain an expression for it?
15. Define modulous of elasticity, stress, strain and Poission's ratio.
16. Explain surface tension and surface energy.
17. How specific heat capacity of mono atomic, diatomic, and poly
atomic gases can be explained on the basis of law of equipartition of

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