February 10, 2015

IPE Exams Physics Important Questions for Andhra and Telangana Boards

1. What is the discovery of C.V. Raman?
2. Express unified atomic mass unit in kg.
3. How is average velocity different from instantaneous velocity?
4. What is the acceleration of projectile at the top of its trajectory?
5. A horse has to pull harder during the start of the motion than
later. Explain.
6. If the polar ice caps of the earth were to melt, what would be the
effect of length of the day be?
7. Give two examples of periodic motion which are not oscillatory?
8. If an iron wire is stretched by 1%, what is the strain on the wire?
9. What is green house effect? Explain global warming?
10. Explain the concept of degrees of freedom for molecules of a gas.
11. A car travels first one third of a distance with a speed of 10
kmph, the second third at 20 kmph and the last third at 60 kmph. What
is its mean speed over the entire distance?
12. Explain reversible and irreversible processes. Describe the
working of Carnot engine. Obtain an expression for the efficiency.
13. Mention the methods used to decrease the friction.
14. Define vector product. Explain properties of vector product with
two examples.
15. Obtain an equation for the frequency of oscillation of force
constant 'k' to which a mass 'm' is attached.
16. Explain the concept of Elastic Potential energy in a stretched
wire and hence obtain the expression for it.
17. Explain Surfacetension and Surface energy.
18. In what way anomalous behaviour of water advantageous to aquatic animals?
19. (a) State and prove law of conservation of energy in case of a
freely falling body.
(b) A machine gun fires 360 bullets per minute. Each bullet travels
with a velocity of 600 m/ s. If the mass of each bullet is 5 gm. Find
the power of machine gun.
20. (a) State and prove parallel axes theorem. (b) Find the vector
product of two vectors

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